One of the best all-around colors, white can resemble anything and allows for visual retrieves and strikes. This is my confidence color.


Another great general-purpose color, yellow is great for bluegill, perch, and brown trout imitations. It also does very well in stained waters.


If you really want to get on a pike's nerves, this is your color pattern. It also does very well with bass, but this like waving a big red flag saying "eat me" for pike.


Great for very sunny days where the color resembles a silhouette from below, also works very well at twilight and during night fishing.


If you want to catch fish but don't know which color to tie to the end of your line, this is it. This color pattern mimics perch and bluegill better than any other, and has the tendency to piss big fish off.


Olive, yellow, blue, and orange combine to create a color pattern that looks so close to the real thing, you might start salivating.

Baby Bass

Anything that eats small bass will go nuts for this color pattern. It combines kelly green, black, and white with a little bit of red.

Brown Trout

Brown trout is personally one of my favorite color patterns. The mix of yellow, brown, and a little red makes for an awesome brown trout imitation, as well as bluegill and other baitfish.


Seriously, what doesn't love rainbow trout? Olive and white combined with a hint of pink make for a tasty color pattern that can also do well as a light bluegill imitation.


Black and red. Esox love it but it's a great color for any species that you want to piss off.


Want a color pattern that isn't listed? No problem, just leave a comment on the fly's page with exactly what you want!