Dubbed Game Changer

Dubbed Game Changer

This classic style game changer is perfect for predators looking for a high-calorie meal. The body of the fly is tied using deer hair, making the fly neutrally buoyant and allowing for some hang time. The dubbed head pushes water and jerks the fly to either side on a pause.


This fly is available in 3" to 6" and in every color pattern.


3" - 4 shanks, #2 hook, 5 articulations

4" - 5 shanks, 1/0 hook, 6 articulations

5" - 5 shanks, #2 and 1/0 hooks, 7 articulations

6" - 5 shanks, #2 and 2/0 hooks, 7 articulations


Credit to Blane Chocklett, the original creator of the game changer platform. This fly is also inspired by Tony Sandrone from Nightmare Musky Flies for his deer hair version.