Game Changer Tying Kits

Game Changer Tying Kits

For half the price of a game changer, you can tie your own and fill that streamer box for less. These tying kits come with all the materials and hardware you need, everything but the thread, to tie two 4.5" game changers! In my opinion, this is the perfect all-around size. You'll even have some left over material for your next fly.


Kits are completely customizable so your flies will be unique to you. The possibilities are endless!


Each kit comes with:

    - 10 shanks

        _ 2 x 10mm

        _ 4 x 15mm

        _ 2 x 20mm

        _ 2 x 25mm)

    - 2 hooks (2 x 1/0)

    - Craft fur brush (18", any color)

    - Congo hair brush (8", any color)

    - Support Flash (3 ft., any color)

    - 2 beads (6mm)

    - 2 pieces of articulation wire (3" each)

    - 16 feathers (8 on each game changer)

    - 4 eyes (8mm, various color choices)


Credit for the invention of the game changer platform goes to Blane Chocklett. 

  • Step-by-step Instructions

    Find a full length, in-depth tutorial on my blog