Howitzer Game Changer

Howitzer Game Changer

If you've been looking for a fly that makes your heart stop every time you get a hit, look no further. These flies just work and trigger some incredible strikes. I like to throw these whenere there is action on the surface or any time baitfish are feeding on the surface and watch the destruction unfold. 


The HGC is tied with a with a Howitzer baitfish popper head from Flymen Fishing Company and has an additional hook in the very back for short strikes. 


This fly is available in 4" to 6" and in every color pattern.


4" - #4 stinger hook, 3 shanks, 1/0 hook, 5 articulations

5" - #4 stinger hook, 4 shanks, 2/0 hook, 6 articulations


Credit to Blane Chocklett, the original creator of the game changer platform.