Mallard Game Changer

Mallard Game Changer

This pattern doesn't just look beautiful .The mallard flank feathers create incredibly realistic movement in the water, and the deer hair wedge head gives the fly a balanced buoyancy and allows for either a fast two-handed strip or a slow, steady retrieve. With its tantalizing swimming action and complex material list, this fly swims even better than it looks.


This fly is available in 3" to 6" and in every color pattern.


3" - 4 shanks, #2 hook, 5 articulations

4" - 5 shanks, 1/0 hook, 6 articulations

5" - 5 shanks, #2 and 1/0 hooks, 7 articulations

6" - 5 shanks, #2 and 2/0 hooks, 7 articulations


Credit to Blane Chocklett, the original creator of the game changer platform and for his Mallard game changer pattern.