Wedge Head Game Changer

Wedge Head Game Changer

The wedge head style has been a staple in streamers for many years and no box is complete without a couple flies. Deer hair makes the head buoyant and the wedge shape gives the fly an erratic, frantic movement, very similar to a wounded fleeing baitfish.


This fly is best fished on a full-sink line with an erratic retrieve. 


3" - 4 shanks, #2 hook, 5 articulations

4" - 5 shanks, 1/0 hook, 6 articulations

5" - 5 shanks, #2 and 1/0 hooks, 7 articulations

6" - 5 shanks, #2 and 2/0 hooks, 7 articulations


Credit to Blane Chocklett, the original creator of the game changer platform, and to Tommy Lynch and Andreas Andersson for their incredible wedge head patterns.